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Here at Uniform Me our mission is to bring you high quality branded uniforms you are proud to wear.

Our Embroidery, Printing & Sublimation options

We offer four unique types of branding services: The first is embroidery that is provided by the highest quality embroidery machine available the Burdan. Next our two printing services - Screen Printing and Supa Colour Heat Press both have their pros and cons and there are some key factors in deciding which option will best suit your needs and budget. Lastly there is Dye Sublimation which is best used for sports teams for their playing gurnseys/kits and training.

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Screen Printing:


•    Bright and crisp finish
•    Low cost per print
•    Artwork can be made as large as A3 piece of paper
•    Does not wash out, crack or fade (except when put in extreme conditions)
•    Pantone colours can be matched easily (additional cost for mixing)
•    Best value for money if high volume of uniforms and low colour
•    To save money purchase your uniforms from us as we sell below retail
•    Best used for 100% cotton or 100% polyester
•    Turnaround time is two weeks unless advised


•    Set up costs can be high for multiple colours ($40 + GST per colour per print area)
•    Minimum number of garments is 10 units, 3+ colours are 20 units, 4+ colours are 50 units

Supa Colour:


•    Multiple colours, fades, shadows and effects able to be matched perfectly
•    Set up costs are very low ($50 + GST for most artwork)
•    Artwork can be made as large as A3 piece of paper
•    Best option for low quantity units and/or multiple colour jobs
•    Great for high colour promo t-shirts or single use
•    To save money purchase your uniforms from us as we sell below retail
•    Can be used for almost any type of uniform
•    Turnaround time generally 2-3 weeks


•    Cost per unit is higher than Screen Printing
•    Will start to wash off, crack or fade after 40 washes
•    Care instructions for washing do need to be maintained
•    Minimum of 10 units 



•    Multiple colours can be used at no extra price
•    Standard price starts at $7 + GST for 5 units (uniforms supplied by us, BYO extra)
•    Chest logos max width is 10-11cm
•    Stitches don’t lose colour or texture unless mistreated
•    Best value for money for small start up business polos or large run
•    Set up costs are $50 + GST (can be waived with high volume units)
•    To save money purchase your uniforms from us as we sell below retail
•    Can be embroidered onto almost all uniforms
•    Turnaround time can be as low as one week (rush order fee applies)


•    Large embroidery designs over 12cm wide are expensive and Screen Printing/Supa Colour is advised
•    Minimum number of units is 5
•    Very thick design jobs can be quite expensive

Dye Sublimation:


•    Complete custom uniforms, the entire polo, t-shirt or hoodie is your canvas
•    Multiple colours can be used at no extra cost
•    Pricing is standard of the type of uniform you are after e.g polo, hoodie, soccer kit ect..
•    Does not wash out crack or fade unless bleached or extreme conditions
•    Best option for sports clubs who have multiple sponsor logos 
•    Artwork costs can be $100 + GST or more (can be waived with high volume units)


•    Only available in 100% polyester
•    Minimum number of units is 10 per type of uniform e.g polo, hoodie, soccer kit
•    Turnaround time 2-3 weeks

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